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'Was wearing Nazar Suraksha Kavach' says Arya on how she survived the destruction at Kings Landing

14, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

While Kings Landing was reduced to dust by Dany, Arya Stark managed to rise like the Phoenix even as other characters in the fantasy drama perished under the rubble. Many viewers were left wondering as to how she managed to survive the destruction brought on by Daenerys.

arya stark

A visibly shaken Arya spoke to our reporter and said that it was the ‘Nazar Suraksha Kavach’ that she was wearing around her neck that saved her from being burnt by the dragon or suffocating to death under the debris.

Apparently, while Arya was strutting around in Braavos marketplace in season 6, she met an Indian salesman who gave her the ‘Suraksha Kavach’. “He said it would serve as a shield and protect me from danger and death in season 8. It was hard to believe at first, but I gave in to his sales pitch as I was desperate to survive till the last season. And you can see how the Kavach helped me kill the Night King,” she said as she ambled through what was left of Kings Landing.

When questioned if the neck-piece would take her to the iron throne, Arya nonchalantly replied that revenge was the only thing on her mind and she will remove the amulet once she sees Cersei dead. “I have no intention of sitting on the iron throne. Would be happy to live the life of a commoner in Westeros. So the kavach won’t be required,” she added.

She however expressed a desire to travel to India sometime later and find out more about such amulets as she had a secret fascination for the occult.

Meanwhile, Jon Snow after learning about how Arya managed to cheat death, seemed interested in the kavach and was seen inquiring about it. When questioned if he’d be wearing one soon, he said, “No!  it’s not for me. Don’t want anything for myself. It’s for Dany. She is my queen.”