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What will you get if you rob a celeb's house?

08, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

Disclaimer: We don’t encourage or suggest you to indulge in any robbery attempts, but this is what you’d get if you make such an attempt (so don’t bother):

1. MS Dhoni: On entering his house at first you wont find anything, and then as time passes by and your patience runs out, and just before you decide to leave, you will start finding lot of things all of  a sudden. There is also possibility of finding Suresh Raina doing some household chores there.

2. Arnab Goswami: You must come with a truck to rob Arnab’s house because a large set of questions awaits you. Questions so many that question papers of schools/colleges lasting eternity can be made out of them. But be very careful because if Arnab catches you, he will straightaway sentence you to capital punishment after announcing his verdict, which can’t be overturned even by the Supreme Court.

Celebs and their houses.
Celebs and their houses.

3. Rahul Gandhi: You will find huge essays on RTI, Women empowerment, youth, system, etc. stashed inside lockers. You may also find a few quotes. Remember not to read them, for they are trap. You will start enjoying the quotes and start laughing uncontrollably, and get caught.

4. Arvind Kejriwal: Maybe you can find the proof of corruption against Sheila Dixit that has gone missing in the last couple of months. If you are caught, claim that you were sent by BJP or Congress and you could end up being on TV.

5. Narendra Modi: You can find tons of documents containing statistics about Gujarat, and a dreams of LK Advani locked in a strong safe. If you are caught, claim that you are non-Gujarati and were forced to steal because of lack of development in your Congress ruled state.

6. Mahesh Bhatt: You wont get as many CD’s in a video parlor of Hollywood flicks as you will get inside the ace scratcher director’s house. Don’t confuse it for Sunny Leone’s house even if you find something that suggests so.

7. Madhur Bhandarkar: You will find lots of scripts lying around. But when you’ll observe closely, you will find it is one script paraphrased in different ways.

8. Salman Khan: You will find plenty of unused brains lying here and there, probably of his fans or may his own. You may also find plenty of torn shirts that bhai wears only to take them off in the same minute. Bhai has promised to reward that thief who can find a script inside his house.

9. Shah Rukh Khan: Lots of wedding invitation cards where SRK is supposed to dance await you. A voodoo doll of Aamir Khan could also be there.

10. Aamir Khan. You wont find anything because he is still in the process of thinking and deciding what to buy and keep inside his house.