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What would have happened to AB de Villiers if he was in other IPL teams

11, May 2015 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. RCB star batsman AB de Villiers proved yet again how destructive and effortlessly innovative he is as a batsman, against Mumbai Indians yesterday. We bring to you how ABDV’s immense talent and potential would have been utilized had he been in other IPL teams.

1. Delhi Daredevils: There is no place for reckless star performers like ABDV in the batting order of DD. The moment players like ABD start performing, they are either demoted to No 8-9 position in batting line up or just dropped. Case in point: Albie Morkel. They after all have to accommodate Yuvraj Singh also in top 4 to avoid going penniless.

2. Rajasthan Royals: He would be rewarded with captaincy for 2 matches and if RR won those games, he would be stripped of captaincy and made to play under Watson.

Rewriting batting every time.
Rewriting batting every time.

3. Kolkata Knight Riders: He wouldn’t feel much out of place in KKR, what with likes of Yusuf Pathan to give him the feel of Dinesh Karthik. Also he would be shuffled across so much in the batting line up, that he would go back to South Africa as a batsman who can bat anywhere.

4. Mumbai Indians: MI probably has the strongest coaching 11 on paper of all the IPL teams. Keeping up with the tradition of having best players as coaches in the business, they would immediately make him retire from IPL and induct him in coaching staff. They would definitely not waste a legend like ABDV by playing him and would make him Head Coach of some random division.

5. Sunrisers Hyderabad: All his knocks would go unnoticed, as not even SRH watches its matches.  Also Warner would be bit relieved that there would be one more batsmen in playing 11 besides him.

6. Kings XI Punjab: There will be huge pressure on Punjab to win, but going by their performance this season, in all probability they would take it as a challenge to show the world that they can lose games even with ABDV.

7. Chennai Super Kings: He would become expert in carrying drinks and warming benches as Dhoni doesn’t like to change his playing 11, come what may.