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Why nobody ever blames Kohli for my poor acting? Anushka Sharma hits out at critics

18, Aug 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Mumbai: Team India is on a roll (downwards) in England and fans who wasted their month watching the turmoil are desperately looking for somebody to put the blame on.

While normal cricketing sense would blame this failure on captain, coach, BCCI or players, Indian fans have unanimously decided that Virat Kohli’s poor form lead us to this situation, hence Anushka Sharma is responsible for India’s defeat.

Virat is expected to give reply to Anushka's question in his own style.
Virat is expected to give reply to Anushka’s question in his own style.

Fed up of all the criticism she is facing since India’s tour of England started, Anushka Sharma is hopelessly irritated.

Yaar I don’t even play the game, else I could have offered to retire!” she reacted when Faking News asked how she thought Indian cricket could be brought back on track.

“Kohli’s form dipped since last 6 months and suddenly I am responsible for it! Did anybody notice drop in my acting abilities in last few years and tried to hold Kohli responsible for it?” she argued.

“I got the best debutant award for my very first film. Since then I could not get even a nomination in that category!! I further slipped from being nominated for the lead actress to supporting actress (Jab Tak Hai Jaan) and nobody noticed. When Kohli’s form dips everyone starts asking me if I was present in England, why don’t Kohli’s parents ask him where does he go when he is in India?” the angry damsel demanded answers.

It should be noted that Anushka Sharma made a dream debut opposite Shahrukh Khan in which she played a bubbly North Indian girl who cannot recognize her husband when he removes his moustaches and spectacles. After that she never looked back and went on to play the role of bubbly North Indian girl in all her movies – a consistency Virat was also known for.

After this outburst by Anushka, many people are evaluating whether to blame Kohli. Leading movie critic told Shaitaan Khopdi™ says, “Blaming ladies has been the trend in India. Vidya Balan was declared jinxed when a movie featuring her was shelved. An idiot once even tried to blame Sushmita Sen when Sensex dropped 1000 points in a day. High time we started blaming the men!”