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Widespread scare as KRK could release Deshdrohi-2 trailer during Mohali match

25, Mar 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Taking a leaf out of SRK’s book, when King Khan released the trailer of his upcoming movie Ra.One during the world cup quarter-final match between India and Australia, Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK, the maverick Bollywood character, has announced his intentions to release the trailer of his upcoming movie Deshdrohi-2 during the semi-final match between India and Pakistan, to be played at Mohali next Wednesday.

“Oh god, noooooooooooo,” said Sandeep, who was recently exposed to the original Deshdrohi movie, which was banned in Maharashtra, when it was being telecast on some movies channel, “He should be stopped. He could prepone the doomsday predicted by the Mayan calendar. He believes in it!”

Kamaal Rashid Khan
Many people believe that such scenes during the cricket match could widely upset and unsettle the Indian fans and push them into rowdy behavior against the visiting Pakistani team.

According to trusted sources, the trailer of the movie, which has KRK playing an Anti-Terrorist Squad officer, would not only be shown during the commercial breaks, but would also be mentioned during the pre and post-match debate on the official broadcaster Star Cricket, hosted by Harsha Bhogle and Navjot Singh Siddhu.

“Gosh! Does that mean we would see Siddhu and KRK together?” wondered another petrified cricket fan, who called for a blanket ban on future plans of film promotions during cricket matches.

KRK had announced the production of Deshdrohi-2 more than two years ago, and filming of the movie had started subsequently. Confident that his movie would give Ra.One a run for its money, KRK refused to change his mind on releasing the trailer during the much awaited semi-final match.

“If they allowed SRK to jump over buildings and cars during the overs, why the hell they are stopping me?” KRK protested and “warned” against any attempts to stop him from releasing his movie during the match.

Worried of the consequences, BCCI and the central government too have moved in, and reports suggest that a “compromise formula” was being worked out with KRK.

“KRK could be paid a few crore rupees and a lifetime free supply of his favorite milk from Holland and drinking-water from Paris,” informed a source, “In return, he has to agree to release the trailer only in the dressing room of the Pakistani team; that will also give India an upper hand in the match.”