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‘Wife-Mother’ balance more critical than 'Work-Life' balance say 90% married men

21, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Balancing your ‘wife with your mom’ is more critical for 90% men and if a survey by leading agency ORGY MARG is to be believed, it is more critical than even ‘work-life’ balance.

Wife-Mother imbalance, thanks to Ekta Kapoor serials
‘Wife-Mother’ balance more critical than ‘Work-Life’ balance 

The research sought to find out about work-life balance in India that men face, and instead stumbled upon ‘wife-mother’ balance.

Most men agreed that they can somehow manage their work with their life but have failed miserably when it comes to sorting the differences between their wife and mother.

Ankit Verma, an IT professional who has to witness the cold war between his wife and his mother on a daily basis spoke to Faking News in this issue. He said, “I have been married for the last 5 years and have experienced the cold war between my wife and mother on a daily basis. I think domestic violence law should do something about victims of collateral damage like me.”

The immediate fallout of this imbalance has been that many men reportedly sought help from Psychiatrists to deal with the tension.

Psychiatrist have blamed it indirectly on Ekta Kapoor and her serials. “Most of the so called ‘entertainment channels have the same plot that involves scheming saas-bahu drama. I don’t think it would be too optimistic to assume that women do get ideas from these shows,” said a leading psychiatrist based in Mumbai.

Ankit has attested to the psychiatrists observations and said, “I do agree to the influence of these daily soaps. In fact everytime my mother and wife have a face-off, I can actually hear the background music of Ekta Kapoor serial.”

The issue also got media spotlight after a woman hammered her mother-in-law with dandiya sticks at a navratri event. “It was a case of pent up frustration. Like it was just waiting to happen and the event was just an excuse,” said a source close to the woman’s family.

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are already eyeing a market here. Sumit Bansal, founder of, a site that helps women find the perfect mother-in-law, has reported ‘server crashing’ traffic on their site since inception.