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Will put posters of an Adult Film outside, secretly screen Padmaavat inside- Haryana cinema owners plan to fool Karni Sena

18, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: Supreme Court has stayed the ban on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period drama ‘Padmaavat’ in 4 Indian states paving the way for the film’s release all around the country on the 25th of this month. However, there is still the threat of attacks by Karni Sena members that is making cinema owners nervous. To counter that threat, several single screen owners in Haryana have come up with their own strategy, they will put posters of adult films outside while secretly showing Padmaavat inside. The cinema owners are hoping that the protesters will see the posters outside and leave them alone.

Deepika smiling after hearing about this strategy

Speaking to Faking News, a cinema owner said ,”Multiplexes get police protection, they can afford to hire their own security as well. We have to watch out for ourselves on our own. Now we can’t let go the opportunity to show a potential blockbuster like Padmaavat so we are trying to mislead Karni Sena members in our own way. In the past we have displayed posters of Bollywood films outside while running porn inside, particularly during the morning shows. We are using the same strategy here, just reversed it a little.”

“Hopefully Karni Sena members will see the posters for porn films outside and leave us alone. Some of them may decide to watch the films after checking out the posters so we will have a switch ready inside. The moment Karni Sena members come in, we will switch and screen will start showing porn”, he added.

Further, he said ,”Once Karni Sena members leave after watching 5 minutes of porn, we can return to the film, everyone is happy and our cinema hall escapes damage.”

When asked why they don’t approach Police for protection, he said ,”What are you talking about Sir. Police waalon ko jitne dene padenge, utne ka to mera cinema hall nahi hai.”