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With 7 more PK posters to come out, Aamir now reveals PK movie will be released as a photo album

19, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Soon after releasing the third poster of his upcoming movie PK, Bollywood’s thinking man Aamir Khan has now revealed that instead of being in a typical video format, PK would be released as a photo album film.

Aamir made this sensational disclosure while addressing a press conference in the city. On being asked how PK was going to be different from other Bollywood movies, Aamir said – format.

A photo from the ongoing PK trailer.

“This is the first time in the history of Bollywood, Hollywood or any other wood, that a movie is being released as a photo album. So yes, this movie is way too different than any other movie,” Aamir replied, adding that the set of posters, which is being released on regular interval, is actually PK trailer.

“3 posters of PK trailer are out, and 7 are yet to come. Like movie, like trailer,” he said.

Aamir also claimed that PK was part of the experiment that he has been conducting to unravel the secret and find the perfect recipe to making a perfect movie.

“I always try to think out of the box. Sometimes, in my attempt to go out of the box, I even go out of the clothes. First poster of PK trailer was outcome of this attempt,” Aamir finally revealed the secret of the first poster while staring at top right back corner of the conference hall.

Throwing some more light on how “photo album movie” will be released, one of the producers of PK, Vidhu Vinod Chopra disclosed that viewers would have to go to theatres and buy tickets like they do for any other normal movie.

“Once people will be inside theaters, they will be given a 360 page photo album. Assuming they view 2 photos per minute, they will be able to finish the movie in 3 hours,” explained Mr. Chopra.

Sources tell Faking News that earlier producers were planning to release each of the 360 photos of the movie per day, starting from 19th December 2014.

“Idea was to sell each movie photo for Re. 1, and that too outside movie theaters. This way, producers were trying to cut profit share of theater owners. But after serious protest by All India Theaters Association, producers changed their plan,” revealed a source.

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan is planning to release his next movie in textbook format, if his latest experiment becomes successful.