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Year 2017 in review. 5 most popular Indians of the year.

31, Dec 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Faking News brings you the five most popular Indians of the year.

5. Dhinchak Pooja

Youtube sensation and accidental singer, Dhinchak Pooja kept rocking this year too and in fact got more popularity with her new songs Mera Pink Scooter Dilon ka Shooter and Baapu Dede Thoda Cash. Her popularity reached new heights when she was invited in Bigg Boss as contestant.


4. Omprakash Mishra

An aspiring Indian rap artist, Omprakash Mishra and popularly known as “Rap King” can rap in more than 18 languages and his claim to fame is a song called “Aunty Ki Ghanti (Aunty’s Bell)”.


3. Shahid Alvi

Self-made reporter and a social activist, Shahid Alvi came in news when he got exposed to a pothole while he was exposing potholes. His famous line “pehle gaddhe surakshit karodesh baad me surakshit karna” went so viral that chief Ministers of every state had to make sure there are no potholes on road of their states.


2. Deepak Sharma

Masters in Interior Design, undergraduate degree in Microbiology turned jobless, Deepak Sharma was one of the most discussed persons of the year. Deepak Sharma’s quote “Apne liye nahi kar raha tumhare liye karta hun sab” inspires many who live or intend to live for the welfare of others.


1. Pidi

Surprising many and defeating many, Pidi, Rahul Gandhi’s pet dog is the most popular Indian of the year. Rahul Gandhi had confessed on twitter that Pidi is behind all his intelligent and witty tweets. Though everyone knew it’s not Rahul Gandhi brain, but no one thought it’s a dog.