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Young man in deep self-doubt after he genuinely likes “Humshakals”

23, Jun 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Banti, a 21 years old college student is facing the most acute self-doubt after he genuinely liked Sajid Khan’s highly criticized  movie – ‘Humshakals’.

Banti depressingly fears that he might be the only person, other than Humshakals’ cast and crew, who liked the movie. This thought has been troubling him since Friday, the fateful day when he walked into the theater to watch the movie.

Liking ‘Humshakals’ is not a disease.

“I haven’t come across a single person who has liked this movie. Then why me?” wondered an upset Banti, “I know that most geniuses in this world were very different from the common masses, but frankly I’m not really a genius.”

“I failed to learn Guitar, I failed at my B.Com part-I exams, I don’t play any games, and I don’t know why sky is blue,” Banti explained why he couldn’t be genius.

As per people present in the theater, even while watching the movie, Banti was laughing almost non-stop.

“People were scared of him!” a fellow movie watcher, who had gone there to watch the movie and make joke son it, confirmed, “The popcorn guys didn’t even ask if he wanted something during interval. He seemed so happy with whatever he had got!”

After coming out of the theater, Banti looked around hoping to see people laughing at the jokes in the movie, but he realized that most of them were laughing at him. That was the first time he developed some doubts about himself.

Banti’s acute self-doubt was triggered when his father was almost in tears after hearing “Dad! Whattay movie! I think it’s better than Golmaal and Angoor you keep watching!”.

“Son of our neighbor Sharma ji likes ‘Ship of Theseus’, and my son likes ‘Humshakals’,” were the words of his father when he left the dinner and a laughing Banti back on the dining table. Banti finally realized that there was something seriously wrong.

Banti was reading jokes about Humshakals when reports last came in.