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YRF justifies Rs 900 ticket for Dhoom 3, says it's service fee for making Uday Chopra retire

19, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. After huge uproar on Twitter and other social networking sites over obnoxiously high ticket prices of Dhoom 3, with some multiplexes in the city charging as much as Rs 900 for a ticket, Yash Raj Films have come out and defended their pricing one day before the film’s release.

Uday Chopra dhoom 3
Uday Chopra has clarified his retirement is genuine and not a tactic to extract money from audience.

The group is arguing that they deserve every bit of it on the grounds of great national service they did by asking Uday Chopra to retire from acting. They have further threatened that they may ask Uday to reconsider his decision if the film goers continue to create fuss about the prices and don’t oblige.

“Rs 900 is peanuts for what we are giving in return to the Indian audience. Its your duty now to give a rousing farewell to Uday by making the film a blockbuster, or else be prepared for next installment of Dhoom with Uday in triple role,”  producer of the film and Uday’s elder brother Aditya Chopra warned people.

The group further says that it took them a great deal of effort to finally convince Uday, as the actor (lol) was adamant to call it a day.

“We took him to various hospitals and showed him the condition of those who once dared to watch his films. But he remained heartless and didn’t budge. We then showed him clippings of some of his own films, and that’s when the deal was sealed. After he regained consciousness, he finally understood our pleas and agreed to retire,” spokesperson of YRF told Faking News.

The group has further assured fans that if the advance booking is to their liking, they would even convince Abhishek Bachchan to hang up his boots, but for a higher price of Rs 1500 per ticket.

Meanwhile Bollywood fans including those who were not at all interested in watching the film were seen coming out in large numbers to buy the ticket. Many NGOs too were seen collecting funds to buy tickets in huge numbers to ensure their sale doesn’t fall below the expectation of makers.

“It is better to shell some money now and save myself the trouble of spending much more in future on hospital expenses if the man changes his mind,” a man from Santacruz reasoned.