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A favorable historical chapter on PM Manmohan Singh

03, Jan 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Manmohan Singh today ruled out a third term for himself and hoped that historians will be kind to him when they write about his tenure as the Prime Minister of India. Faking News in-house historian Rum Guha has wrote this first draft of a favorable chapter to be included in future textbooks:

Dr. Manmohan Singh was a renowned economist to have ruled India for 10 years between 2004 and 2014. The 10 years of Manmohan Rule is also known as the Golden Era of Indian economics and politics, for silence is golden.

While the media of his time always suspected that he was not the real ruler, various biochemical tests on files in the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) later proved that Dr. Singh was the real ruler.

Tests had revealed that 51% of finger marks on files were those belonging to Dr. Singh, while a paltry 49% of those were of Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Further, the all the finger marks of Dr. Singh were on the cover of the files, while Sonia’s finger marks were on inside pages, proving that Dr. Singh was in control.

Manmohan Singh
Manmohan Singh gave a thumbs up to the first draft and hoped that other historians will do a much better job

The biggest achievement of Dr. Manmohan Singh was when he became the Prime Minister. Everyone thought that Sonia Gandhi was going to become the Prime Minister but using his magic wand, which he could use only once as per the terms of use, Dr. Singh became the Prime Minister.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t use this magic wand for the rest of his tenure, else there would have been no scams, no economic slowdown, no terror attacks, and no general messed up scenario in the country.

However, even without the magic wand, Dr. Singh could achieve many things in his tenure, some of which were purely magical and unheard of – like apologizing for the Sikh massacre of 1984. The massacre took place when Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister, but Rajiv Gandhi never apologized for it. Manmohan Singh apologized and every Sikh of India got justice.

Dr. Singh’s ability of generating such magical effects with just one move was witnessed again towards the end of his first tenure as Prime Minister, when he signed the Indo-US Nuclear Deal. Manmohan Singh always maintained that it was his biggest achievement, which made India a superpower and brought India and US closer.

Some historians dispute this by claiming that India and US never came closer because US insulted an Indian diplomat during the second tenure of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. But they fail to see the fact that the insult took place during UPA-II while friendship happened during UPA-I. Manmohan Singh is known to make a clear distinction between the two tenures in such cases.

Manmohan Singh’s first tenure, also known as UPA-I, saw India bravely condemn a series of terror attacks, which included the Mumbai attacks by Pakistan based terror groups. India didn’t play cricket with Pakistan for several years, which later helped India win the World Cup during the UPA-II.

UPA-I also saw many scams, but only the UPA-I saw those during the UPA-I. The common man and the media saw those during the UPA-II (Manmohan Singh’s second tenure), and Manmohan Singh was unfairly blamed for letting the scams happen.

Dr. Singh tried his best to stop the scams, but a captain is as good as his players. As someone who is also a cricket historian, I want to remind readers that former Indian captain MS Dhoni also tried his best to stop one Ishant Sharma from giving away runs in a historical match. We don’t blame Dhoni for Ishant’s over, so let’s not blame Dr. Singh.

Manmohan Singh was also the first visionary to find hidden talents in Rahul Gandhi, who later ruled India with help of many honest leaders representing the common man. Once Rahul Gandhi was the Prime Minister, many other historians, including the writer of this article, found the same talents in him.

Among other things, Dr. Singh always wore a blue turban. This fascination with blue color is matched only by Facebook, and thus Dr. Singh is often credited to be the politician who connected with the youth in the best way. There were evil forces that tried to mislead the youth, but Dr. Singh’s leadership always showed them the right path.

If India is way ahead of South Sudan today, we have to credit Dr. Manmohan Singh’s vision for it.