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Ashutosh's letter to his fellow party members after clash with BJP

06, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Ashutosh wrote a motivational letter to his fellow party workers after yesterday’s nationwide clash with BJP. Faking News managed to get the letter using secret sources.

Dear fellow revolutionaries,

As our supreme commander Arvind has found out that India is in danger, and fortunately, apart from us, nobody can see it. We are gifted because god has blessed us with this ability to see things that others can’t. Not everyone on this planet is lucky enough to have such special power in eyes to see corruption where others see curry.

Ashutosh Shouting
Ashutosh talking politely

We are the chosen one. From inside, all of us are a combo of Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman, Chacha Chaudhary, and Nagraj.

Elections are coming, and out there many innocent and misguided people are shouting Mudy-Mudy. They are our blind brothers, they can’t see how corrupt Mudy is. It’s our job to shake them up, if required beat them up. But keep this in mind, we are doing this just because we care for them. We are not violent people.

As of now, compared to other national parties, our numbers are not huge. However remember one thing, Pandavas were only 5 but Kauravas were 100. I have read Ramayana and I no it.

We have to use our limited resources. And one of those resources is media. I was in media, and I no things. Do activities that compel cameras and reporters to turn toward you.

I also no physics. I have read that red light travels farthest, so try to turn things red, either by wearing red or bleeding red.

We should be proud of ourselves, at least we are doing something. So what if in attempt to do so, we are looking like any other party.

But still, we are party with a difference. We have power to do non-violent protest by throwing stones. Our honesty is our weapon, we should try not to loose it.

Let’s not allow Ambani and Adani high-jack our democracy and manupulate media. It’s our country, here only a aam aadmi sud be allowed to high-jack democracy and manupulate media.

At last, couple of lines for motivation: “Dil diya hai jaan bhi denge, ae watan tere liye. Kursi ka jawab pathhar se denge, ae watan tere liye.


AAPka, @ashutosh83B Political Activist, Columnist, Author of Book-Anna 13 Days That Awakened India.