Employee fails to find "Use code ILOVEMYJOB to get 10% hike in salary" on company website

16, Jan 2015 By mahakraithatha

Following is a blog post of an employee, who thought that the management and HR of his company might be impressed with the popular industry practices:

I was trying hard to find this particular page in my company’s website. I was not able to find it. I even asked some of my colleagues but everyone thought I was just joking around but I was desperately searching for it.

The day before, I wanted to go to mall to buy a shirt. I booked an auto by this app-“APPUTO”. It was the first time I used the app, so I had a code that would discount me on my first ride. I reached the mall.

Decision maker

In big and bold letters a word was put up, “SALE”. For a moment, I thought the mall building was for sale. Then I realized my own poor joke. Each and every store had sale and a mad crowd equivalent of some religious fest in a temple. My phone beeped, I read the text message that I received.

“Hi! It’s shopping festival! Premium discount for first time users, use code IWANTTOBREAKMYVIRGINITYOFSHOPPINGVIAAPP to get uptp 50% off, for regular users use code IAMMARRIEDTOTHISAPP to get 30% off. Download BUYDRESSESWITHOUTTRYINGOUT App and start shopping!”

I remembered few messages that I received few days back, in which I was recommended this app by my several friends. It had codes “IMUGMYFRIENDVIAAPPS” , “ROTIKAPDAAURAPP” and “GOINGOUTFORSHOPPINGISSOSTONEAGE” which gave me 5% off on each code. My friends too would have got the counter 5% off for recommending this app.

Shopping via App gave me a better financial deal, so I thought of going back home. I met the same auto-driver who dropped me just outside the mall. “Bhaiya, wapis chalen? 10% off milega round trip kar doonga.” I wondered if I was talking to an App or human. “Theek hai chalo,” I said.

I used the code that would discount the price for my first shopping, I used the code that my friends had recommended, I used the code that I was recommended to avail further discount for shopping above Rs. 4000. I generated a few codes by recommending the app to others and used those codes to get further discounts. Then I used another code, which I received, because I paid by online wallet facility to get further more discount. After half hour I finished writing codes which could get me clothes at discounted rate.

“What a programmer I could have been, codes and stuff,” I thought. This continued for a few days using mobile number of my friends in town who could not use this app for delivery restrictions in remote places. I recommended app to myself from other numbers, to get discount codes. In short I did a lot of coding to write a program to buy clothes at discounted price.

But today, I was struck. I was trying so hard to find a page in my company’s website where I could use codes “IWILLWORKHARD”, “IALREADYWORKHARD” and “ILOVEMYJOB” to get 20%, 40% and 60% hike in my salary. It ended in vain with everybody thinking I was just joking around.

Why can’t my company take some things seriously?