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Five events that will make real headlines in the year 2011

29, Dec 2010 By @jurnoleast

As the year 2010 comes to an end with all kinds of scams making news, most of you must be getting ready to get more of scam related news in the coming year, but the assessment of our editorial team differs. We bring to you five non-scam events that we think would surely happen and create “Breaking News” across the newspapers and television channels.

1. Bollywood legalizes plagiarism

In 2011, Bollywood is set to “unofficially” legalize plagiarism. Sharing is caring, they say. Leading this revolution is music composer Pritam, who intends to start a website that will …hold your breath… at the click of a mouse convert any song to Pritam’s version. Technology does make life easier for Pritam at least. Faking News caught up with Pritam to find out more and he did share with us the ‘first look’ of his website:

Pritam composes
The name and look of the website is a little inspired from different sources

2. Kingfisher to launch calendar featuring “men”

December is the time when Vijay Mallya, the King of good times unveils his calendar. But in 2011 the calendar will focus on a different target audience –women, who have anyway been his target for long, if not audience. The inaugural calendar will feature some male celebrities from different fields:

Kingfisher Calendar
Anil Ambani, Arindam Chaudhuri and Shibu Soren get hotter

3. Superstar Rajinikanth to endorse a commercial product

Rajini mania will continue to grab the nation’s eyeballs and SMS joke forwards. Marketing managers are willing to spend billions to get Rajini as brand ambassador for their products even as the superstar has kept away from such commercial dealings. But it would change in 2011 and Thalaivar would accept a few endorsements. But since Rajini is involved, the end result may not be as expected:

Rajini cracks Tide
Chaunk gaye? Rajinikanth mitaaye saare daag, err... sab kuchh

4. Sensex signals its performance in the first quarter itself

People keenly discuss how the bourses are going to perform in future and the speculations keep on happening all the year long. But the sensitive index of the Bombay Stock Exchange would signal what to expect the whole year in the first 3 months of 2011 itself:

Sensex shows the middle path
Take it punters!

5. Preity Zinta officially breaks up with ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia

When we talk about “Breaking News”, how can we ignore India TV? Well, the fifth event in itself is not such a big development, but India TV would make it much more than that:

India TV
No caption needed!