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Jinnah was reduced to zero by Congress, and zero can’t divide

30, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

The Dividers?
The Dividers?

For the last ten days or so, every media organization has been discussing Jaswant, Jinnah and BJP, after the former BJP leader Jaswant Singh wrote a book arguing that Jinnah was not the sole person responsible for division of India in 1947.

While BJP expelled him for the argument, others trashed the book for glorifying a person who divided India and caused a civil war leading to death of millions of people. Newspapers and news channels have been debating the issue since then and now it’s Faking News’ turn.

The editorial team of Faking News believes that Jaswant Singh has written book that is antithesis of his own arguments. In fact there was no need to write a book that argues that Jinnah alone couldn’t have carried out division of India. Congress had already established it through their efforts.

Jinnah was reduced to zero by Congress in the history textbooks prescribed for the children of India. We all know that division by zero is impossible in normal circumstances, therefore, in a way Congress had already proved that it was impossible for Jinnah to divide the nation.

To add to that, Indian children hardly study history textbooks and prefer to depend upon guides and guess papers to get passing marks. Therefore most of them never bothered to know who Jinnah was and what did he do. Now suddenly, these children, some of whom might have grown up since then, are reading and hearing bout Jinnah. Some of them can actually go on to believe that it was Jinnah who divided India, something they never cared to believe or disbelieve.

So it is really not clear to our editorial team what did Jaswant Singh want to do by writing the book?

Faking News invites its readers to join the discussion and pitch in with their hypotheses about the motives behind Jaswant Singh writing the book.