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Letter to Sonia Gandhi by Congress MP who flashed gun at toll booth

12, Oct 2012 By yesvinay

Congress MP Vithal Radadiya, who was caught on camera earlier today flashing a gun and threatening employees at a toll plaza near Vadodara, has spoken out. Mr. Radadiya has written a letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi after his took objection to his “respect demanding” behavior and sought an explanation from him.

Following is the letter accessed by Faking News:

Congress MP Vithal Radadiya
Vithal Radadiya demanding respect from a suspected and unknown aam aadmi

Dear Madam Sonia Gandhi G,

I know you are pretty upset about what happened today in Vadodara. I have been asked an explanation on why I behaved in that manner.

I am absolutely aware that the Congress party has set some high standards for getting involved in controversies. Since we are out of power in Gujarat for almost a decade, I couldn’t get involved in any scams, the ideal controversy as per the rich traditions of the party.

With Gujarat assembly elections round the corner, I was thinking how I could be in the limelight. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal targets our party members only if they indulge in corruption.  I was in total confusion on how to carry forward this legacy.

We had 1.72 lak crore 2G scam. This was followed by Coal (G)ate scam which surpassed the 2G scam by a good margin. Then there is also Common Wealth (G)ames scam. I was looking at the similarities among these scams and suddenly had a Eureka moment. I realized that “G” was the common factor in all the three scams. I thought of doing something which involves G.

Madam you see, Gujarat also has a G. Hence I decided to do something on Toll (G)ate. This also has a G. I was very sure that once I did what I did today the G will ensure publicity for me.

My intention of taking out the gun was taken out of context by the media persons. They say I threatened but I do not have so much courage. I went to toll gate to show the guy issuing slips to ask whether I can carry my gun or not. But the media persons have interpreted it differently.

Madam G the funny part is the gun also has a G.

I deeply regret that I could not live up to the standards set up by the Congress party. I know I have not lived up to the expectations of lakhs of crores of scam but have ensured that Congress gets publicity. Any publicity whether it is positive or negative is good.

I hope this explanation is sufficient enough for me to get a plum post in any standing committee Madam G. I am aware that Raja and Kalmadi G have been appointed to two separate standing committees.

I am sure Mr Arnab (G)oswami will call me tonight for his show on Times Now. His name also has a G, madam! 🙂

Yours Sincerely, Vithal Radadiya.