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Manmohan Singh yet to call back Sonia Gandhi after receiving missed call

24, Oct 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Faking News Radio - Episode 1

This is the first attempt to produce a Radio news and I hope things would improve with successive attempts! 😛

Following is the transcript of the news, just in case the pronunciation gets better of you:

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh yet to call back Sonia Gandhi after having received a missed call

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UPA chairperson and Congress President Mrs Sonia Gandhi is believed to have given a missed call to Dr.  Manmohan Singh this morning, but Dr. Singh is yet to call back. Dr. Singh is a congress member, and also the prime minister of India. The development has left Congress workers completely clueless.

“Elections in Bihar are going on and no worker can afford to miss what Soniaji or Rahulbaba has to say. This is very irresponsible,”

That was a congress leader fighting elections in Bihar, who clearly sounded very upset. The leader further told Faking News that if Congress performed poorly in the Bihar assembly elections despite speeches and rallies by Rahul Gandhi, the irresponsible behavior of Dr. Manmohan Singh should be blamed.

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