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MPs could undergo sex change surgeries to bypass women’s reservation

05, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A study undertaken by Faking News Intelligence Group (FNIG) has revealed that many Indian politicians could go for sex-change surgeries to bypass the provisions of women’s reservation bill whenever it becomes a law. The bill provisions for one-third of the parliamentary seats to be reserved for contest by women candidates only, and it has met sharp opposition from many members of the parliament in the past.

The study was conducted through interviews and focused group discussions among existing and potential politicians, and vital inputs were solicited from lawyers, doctors, and mathematicians. The study reveals that there was 99.53% chances of a person undergoing sex change operation (from being a man into being a woman) to either enjoy the benefits of the reservation or to salvage one’s parliamentary seat.

Women’s Reservation Bill
The future of Indian politics – pregnant with possibilities

“Reservations based on one’s gender are vulnerable to be misused. Just like religion-based reservations can encourage religious conversions, gender-based reservation can encourage sexual conversions.” FNIG report pointed out the inherent risk in the bill.

The report suggests that the qualification of ‘being a woman’ must be properly and comprehensively defined in the bill before it is passed.

The report advocates for setting up a Central Bureau for Identification of Gender (CBI-G) for issuing ‘sex certificates’.

“CBI-G must award woman certificates to only those persons, who have been a full-functioning woman for at least fifteen continuous years at that time. The definition of a full-functioning woman should be made as stringent as possible, similar to what they use in athletics.” the FNIG report suggested.

Leaders from the kill-bill parties like Samajwadi Party, RJD, BSP, et al. have welcomed the findings of the FNIG report, and have cautioned the government not to push the women’s reservation bill in wake of the new findings.

“We always knew that there was a conspiracy, and it was an ill-thought bill.” Mualayam Singh Yadav sounded like saying this while welcoming the findings.

But women’s rights groups have criticized these leaders and have rejected the finding of the report. They have also accused FNIG of being full of male chauvinist pigs, who were trying to scuttle the passage of the bill that has been pending for over 15 years now. We reject these charges.

Fortunately, some women’s rights activists have come out in support of Faking News and have welcomed the findings of the report, although they didn’t agree with the suggestion of making the definition of a full-functioning woman too stringent.

“I guess it would be a welcome development if men underwent sex-change surgeries. We have just too many men around today. The sex ratio of our country is skewed badly and is causing all sorts of problems. If the FNIG report is true, finally we can see more women being born, who were otherwise denied birth.” Anandi, a women’s rights activist opined.

Women’s reservation bill could be tabled yet again in the parliament on March 8, incidentally the International Women’s Day, and it would be interesting to see what impact FNIG report has on its future.