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Rahul Gandhi turns 40 today. What will he turn next year?

19, Jun 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi turns 40 today, 40-years-old that is

Ah, just take a look at that charming endearing lovely sexy breathtaking smile; can you believe he turned 40 today!? Unbelievable! He seems a sweet sixteen any day any moment; a complete antithesis to Shahid Afridi, whom we Indians just can’t believe to have remained under 30 even after ages.

But since Congress says so, we must not dispute it else our patriotism could be disputed. So our beloved Rahul Gandhi turns 40 today, period! Let’s all unite in wishing a very Happy Birthday to him!

When other media organizations are busy finding a Rajiv Gandhi in him or hunting a suitable bride for him, how can Faking News not discharge its duty of being a respectable news source? Hence we are also asking you to take part in this poll:

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