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Rajanth Singh’s blog defending himself on the English issue

21, Jul 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

After Digvijay Singh wrote a blog claiming he was not Anti-Hindu, Rajnath Singh has written a blog in similar style claiming he was not Anti-English. Faking News has accessed an exclusive copy of it:

Dear Bharatwaasis,

I have the recent privilege to be the attacked on Social Media by the Congis and the paid professionals hired by the modern Gandhis operating from Akbar Road in Delhi and various mainstream media offices.

I have been called BritishRaj Nath Singh and Desi Idiot by the above mentioned “Gang” whose Hindi marks in schools were lower than the letters in the English alphabet!

Some time I am supposed to have burnt an English dictionary and some time stabbed my eyes when an English movie plays on TV. Blatant lies which the Congis are taught to spread during their training as their sycophants.

But I don’t blame them or their parents but blame the dynasty. And see, I didn’t blame English.

I am a practicing English speaker. I was given Rapidex English Speaking Course by His Holiness Sri Kapil Dev ji at Lords in England in 1983. I regularly speak in front of the mirror and I think my English has improved over years.

I have nine Hindi-to-English dictionaries at my residence in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Scrabble is played every day in my family and we solve Crosswords also. This has been going on for more than 14 generations.

Rajnath Singh
Rajnath Singh thinking if his blog would put an end to the latest controversy

In study room of my residence a big “A for Apple” poster beams with education 24×7. And I’m not even a Mactard. Android rocks.

I am the Chairman of a Trust which is teaching English to various students and politicians free of cost. Some Samajwadi Party leaders too have benefitted, which is why Mulayam Singh Yadav is stopped his opposition to English.

My mother was not anti-English and she taught English to all of us siblings. She taught us to respect all languages and have compassion for spellings, something Congis like Manish Tewari don’t have. They have protected their tweets because they perform spelling mistakes.

I listen to English songs every Sunday. From MLTR to Pitbull featuring Priyanka Chopra. I love them, and try to sing too, while Congis can only sing bhajans for the family.

Each morning I walk one kilometer to buy English newspaper, even though I know they have been bought by the Congis.

I have a puppy and I named it Tiger while I could have called it Sheru.

Yet Congress and their brigade call me anti-English!

A good Hindi speaker would always respect all other languages unlike the Congress brigade that extends that courtesy to only Italian.

The intolerance of Congress towards Hindi is well known. They tied up with parties in the south that were vehemently anti-Hindi. We too tied up, but our aim was to teach them Hindi and learn English from them.

Congress’ angreziyat and love for English has nothing to do with language but a ploy to interact with rich people who can pay bribes.

As a good practicing English speaker, it is s my duty to stand up to all the falsehood the Congis and their paid professionals are spreading against desi accented English speakers and Chetan Bhagat.

Would all those who believe I am Anti-English please take note of this?

Or do they know a more devout English lover in Congress or media? If they do, I would like to meet him.

I know what I am saying is going to fall on deaf years of the motivated “Congi Gang” nevertheless it is my duty to put it on record what I believe in.

If you don’t believe what I have claimed you are most welcome to be my guest at Ghaziabad which is a 3 hours drive (thanks to bad roads built by Congress) from Delhi and cross check up yourself.

I hope all others who have been wrongly influenced by the Congress propaganda would try to understand me better!

Love English. Love you.

Rajnath Singh.