Retirement letter by Ajit Agarkar

17, Oct 2013 By indianpsycho

Cricketer Ajit Agarkar has announced retirement from all formats of the game. He wrote a letter after the announcement, which is exclusively with Faking News:

First and foremost I wish to clarify that this is for the first time I have announced retirement. There was some confusion and I guess this why selectors didn’t keep me in mind in the last so many years while selecting the national team.

My friends say that I announcing retirement is like Vindoo Dara Singh telling Katrina Kaif that he was single. Don’t know what it means, but I am humbled.

I know that cricket writers would be under immense pressure to write articles on my career. I want to tell them that I had a very satisfactory career.

Ajit Agarkar
Agarkar after writing the letter

I discovered my passion for bowling overs that could confuse the players (including those of my own team) when I was very young. Each day I would learn how to follow up a perfect Yorker with an even more perfect full toss. I was determined to make an impact.

But I never played for records. I always put interest of the opposition team before self. But of late, I was not enjoying mixing up my deliveries that well. And that’s why I have decided to move on in life.

I know it’s an irreparable damage, but they don’t need to worry as Indian team has enough talent. In fact, I am extremely touched and moved the way the bowlers paid me a rich tribute through their performance in the ongoing India-Australia ODI series.

But let me tell you that I didn’t get it all on a platter. The start to my career was not that great. But sheer hardwork and discipline helped me get that curse of being the fastest bowler in the world to get 50 ODI wickets off my back.

There were occasional setbacks too. I still remember that fateful day when I managed to take 6/41 against Australia in their backyard. That match still gives me nightmares. But I hope my fans would forgive me for that and forget it as one off blunder.

Looking back, I feel proud of my economy rate of around 5.07. Frankly speaking, it’s no mean feat to achieve this economy rate in those times when scores of 250+ were not regular.

But one dream still remains unfulfilled. I wish I could match the record where Yuvi hit those majestic 6 sixes in an over. But damn you, Stuart Broad, you lucky bas***d.

At the risk of sounding immodest, I feel Sachin would not have been able to achieve such batting records had it not been for my bowling. I gave him the opportunities to chase mammoth totals and he went the extra mile to score as much as possible batting first when he would be told I am in the team.

Also I did in just 4 years what he couldn’t do in 25 years i.e. score a century at Lord’s. But being from Mumbai myself, I feel happy to have played a huge part in his achievements.

In the end, I thank everyone for supporting me. I wish all the best to the new crop, especially Balaji, Ashok Dinda, and Ashish Nehra (please note, he has not retired).