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The Lost Symbol: telecom companies making an ass out of us?

07, Jan 2011 By Guest Patrakar

After a reader of Faking News pointed out the possible “inspiration” behind Airtel’s new logo, our investigative journalism team decided to dig further into the issue. After a month long investigation, our team has concluded that there was more to it than what meets our eyes. There clearly seems a hidden message in all the logos that appear inspired from the posteriors of various living beings.

Are they trying to make an ass of every one of us? Take a look yourself:

Airtel logo
The source of Airtel's logo is no longer a secret

DoCoMo logo and fish
DoCoMo website showed sea as background when it was launched, now they have changed it to hide the source of their logo?

Giraffe and Reliance logo
Reliance always aims for “high” values

Vodafone and Donald Duck
Instead of ZooZoos and Pugs, why doesn’t Vodafone reveal their real brand ambassador?

(submitted through email by SN)