10 yrs old child who played 'Need For Speed' on a computer once hired as a temporary bus driver by Tamil Nadu Government

11, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Chennai: Transport workers’ unions strike in Tamil Nadu has entered the 8th day and the government is trying every possible measure to reduce the inconvenience for the residents. Government is hiring temporary drivers from wherever they can and making them drive the buses during this strike. They even used auto drivers to drive the buses in Coimbatore. Meanwhile in Chennai, they have gone a step further and hired a 10 yrs old who has played the video game ‘Need For Speed’ on his computer once.

Tamil Nadu
Want to drive one? Just come and take one

Overnight rules have been amended in the state to make sure that minors can also drive heavy vehicles and Driving License has been issued to the kid. Government is also on the lookout for more such experienced drivers to keep the buses running in the state.

Confirming the news, a Tamil Nadu government official said ,”These are desperate times and we need desperate measures. The kid can drive, he has shown that on his computer so why can’t he drive on the roads? It is not as if we are just handing out a bus to him, he will have to show his ability by playing the video game in front of us once. If he can manage it without an accident, we will give him a bus to drive.”

“These are just temporary measures and we aren’t going to give him a bus forever. The moment the strike ends or he crashes a bus, his License will be cancelled and he will have to wait till he is 18 to apply again”, the official added.

When asked about the possibility of strike ending soon, he said ,”We are trying our best but the union just doesn’t seem interested in a solution. They said wages should rise and we immediately brought a proposal to increase salary of the MLAs but somehow that has only angered the union more.”