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In 10th board exams, students will be asked to explain the benefits of demonetisation

08, Feb 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Though five weeks have passed, whole of India is still anxiously waiting to know what is the ‘outcome of demonetization’. Neither RBI nor anyone from Government is coming forward to say clearly, against the objectives which were outlined by PM during his Nov 8th address to the nation, what all we have achieved and if at all we have missed some targets then what are those.

What did we gain? Explain!

With board exams less than a month away, most of the Boards including CBSE and ICSE have announced that there will be a question on ‘outcome of demonetization’ in 10th class English paper. “We are giving our students sufficient time so that they can use their imaginative power and be prepared to write what they feel we have achieved as part of demonetization”, said R K Sinha a senior CBSE official who spoke to us anonymously.

Mr. Sinha added, “For too long our education system has been too rigid with absolutely no scope to encourage our students towards creative thinking. There was little scope before ‘Google’ was available. Now whenever we ask something students can find it easily through Google. However, on this topic there is no information available in the internet. This will be a true test of students’ imaginative power”.

When we asked this might be advantageous for kids of RBI officials and some government officials who are directly involved in this exercise, Mr. Sinha quickly retorted, “What nonsense, when RBI officials don’t know about the benefits then how will their kids know? In fact, we are conducting this exam so that RBI and government can get ideas to justify demonetization.”

When asked why they are informing students in advance about this question, he replied,”PM didn’t give any time before demonetization, at least we can compensate for that a little bit by giving this time before our question on demonetization.”