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2 engineering students at restaurant order manchow soup without dividing it one-by-two, college bars them from placements

27, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

A local engineering college in the city has barred two students from placement process after it was found that they ordered manchow soup at a restaurant without dividing it on-by-two.

The students Amar and Prem(name changed to protect identity) were enjoying chicken manchow soup on a chilly winter evening while discussing their college life.

But when they ordered the manchow soup, it quickly caught the attention of a patron who was sitting on the adjacent table.

“I happened to eavesdrop on their conversation and it seemed like they were engineering students. But I quickly grew suspicious when they placed their order. They wanted an entire bowl of soup without doing the usual one-by-two ritual. What kind of engineering students are these,” the man questioned.

‘Maybe they did their engineering via some correspondence course. But clearly they are not quintessential engineers,” he added.

Faking News reporter spoke to the waiter Anil Shetty who served the soup and he said, “Saab humara idhar bohot engineer student aata. Sab log ek number ka kanjoos. Kabhi kabhi soup ko one-by-five bhi karta hai. Ye log jab order diya tabhi mereko doubt hua ki kuch gadbad hai. Mai jaake apna seth ko bola. In log ko chhodne ka nahi.”

Sources say that the college where these two students are studying has now barred them from placement process. “It reflects very poorly on the institution. Our students are like our brand ambassadors. And when they do something like this, we need to set a precedent. Initially we thought of withholding their degree certificates. But many said that would be harsh, so now they won’t be part of the placement process,” said the Principal.

After the CCTV footage of the the two students went viral, engineering students community have unanimously decided to boycott the aforementioned students.