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Newlywed couple had a fantastic ‘1st night’, responded to all the wishes on FB and WhatsApp

14, May 2017 By dasu

Gurugram: Newlywed couple Adarsh Sharma and Swati Verma felt they had a fantastic 1st night together. Within one night they cleared all the backlogs and new messages that were just pouring in through Facebook, WhatsApp.


“We did not get full night. By the time guests left it was well past midnight. So basically, what we had in our hands is five to six hours. Can you believe it, I cleared some six thousand odd messages, Swati was well ahead of me, she cleared more than ten thousand”, said Adarsh while speaking to us.

Swati said, “One after other so many functions. Haldi, Sangeet, pre-wedding, post-wedding photo sessions. In between some Bua or some Mausi will drop in to give some advice what to do once I go to Sasural, how I should prepare myself for 1st night”.

“As a couple we had planned about it in advance. Once we are inside, no one will be there to disturb us. This is summer time, no problem if power cut happens as tent house person had put up a generator. With nice cool breeze coming from the AC, aroma of red rose petals on the bed along with two fully charged smartphones. In addition, perfectly working high speed wi-fi, it was nothing sort of a perfect atmosphere for both of us”, said Adarsh & Swati.

“There were so many nice photographs our friends and relatives had had taken, tagged both of us. What lovely comments. We had to reciprocate properly, not like many who just put some plain vanilla ‘thanks’ with a smiley”, said Adarsh & Swati.

However, couple’s ‘successful’ first night led to a less than perfect next day morning. One of the Bua who was sleeping just outside the couple’s room to hear some good news was upset. She was shouting at Senior Sharma, father of Adarsh. “Sharmaji, bache to lights off kar lete hain, aur aap soch te hain sab kuch ho gaya. Pehele aap ko wi-fi off Karna tha. If you give two smartphones with full night power backup, nothing is going to happen”, she said before heading for another wedding where she hopes something good will happen in first night.