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Bengaluru autorikshaw driver shocked after discovering meter in his auto

23, Sep 2017 By AdityaSachan

Moneybhai, a Bengaluru based autorikshaw driver recently discovered meter in his auto after a passenger pointed it out. Since then he has been in complete amazement and shock.

“Yes, it is true. I have been driving autorikshaw since last 5 years and had no clue about this iron box installed in my autorikshaw. I always thought it was some equipment put for decoration. While negotiating with passenger, he pointed out that I should charge using meter only. I became curious and took his help to understand working of meter,” said Moneybhai.

“I always thought, we autorikshaw drivers have to use complex formulas to calculate fare. Our unique formula considers time, distance, type of passenger, their relationship, climate, demand, location and many other parameters. You see, when a young couple comes out of multiplex we must charge at least 100 rupees for every 2 kilometers. While if two young employees come out of IT company during peak office hours. We must charge at least 70 rupees for every 2 kilometers. Now if it is raining, we must add 30 rupees for every kilometer. And this goes on, for every situation we use different calculations. And let me tell you, distance is least important factor,” explained Moneybhai.

“I felt very relaxed and peaceful for not doing this complex calculation after I used meter. But I have invested more in learning how to calculate fare than actual driving. It is not easy to give up this system,” Moneybhai said in his defence.

On further questions, Moneybhai complained for autorikshaw drivers not getting due credit for their amazing ‘Fare Calculation Methods’. He has been planning to apply for PhD in IISc, Bangalore for doing research on this.

“Our fare calculations are more complex than calculations used by Mangalyaan. Many scientists have traveled in my autorikshaw and not once they could understand how amazingly I came to different fare every time for same distance. I can teach them. And I am sure it will help scientific community. We are very open to share our knowledge,” said Moneybhai as he left to negotiate with another passenger.

We are unsure if he will use meter in future.