Imran Khan thanks PM Modi in building 'Naya Pakistan'

01, Mar 2019 By 0mar Abdullah

After India’s bold and courageous response to Pulwama Terrorist attack, Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, in a surprised manner has welcomed IAF’s attack over Terrorist camps at Balakot.

Imran Khan

“In his entire political career, Khan Sahib has been trying his best to build “Naya Pakistan” but somehow he is never successful in achieving his ambitious dream,” Secretary of PM Khan told our reporter.

In response to what is “Naya Pakistan”, he said, “It means that our country Pakistan must be free of corruption, pollution and poverty. These things Khan Sahib can easily achieve but the major concern in building “Naya Pakistan” is, it should be free of terrorism which Indian Prime Minister, Modi, is doing it on the behalf of Khan Sahib.

Khan Sahib yeh kaam khudh nahi kar sakte. Yahan par kaafi log Terrorists hai. So we need intelligence and precision like Indian Army and Indian Air force to attack those who are spreading Terrorism in the name of Islam,” he informed us cautiously.

The few section of Indian media has disagreed that IAF had killed more than 250 Terrorists in Balakot. “Janab apki media ko kuch nahi pata. Unn logo ko bolo yahan Balakot mein aakar dekh le,” Media advisor to PM Khan angrily said to our reporter.

When asked how it will help Pakistan If PM Modi keeps on destroying Terrorists Camp in PoK and Pakistan, he said, “If this continues then one day, Insha-Allah, our country will become free of Terrorism and countries like USA and UAE will help us financially and ultimately it will help to build Naya Pakistan.