Two childhood friends come to blows after one explains benefit of mutual funds but other refuses to say 'sahi hai'

18, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

It was a marathon session stretching upto 72 hrs between two friends which led to where one was trying to convince the other abut the benefits of mutual funds. The other however refused to say ‘sahi hai’, even after several attempts of patient explanation which led to a fight between the two.

mutual fund sahi hai

The incident occurred in Vasant Vihar area of Delhi where two middle-aged childhood friends Amar and Prem were having a discussion about filing their tax returns. As the discussion veered towards tax saving, Prem shared his financial wisdom with Amar and urged him to start investing in mutual funds.

However, much to Prem’s shock and annoyance Amar refused to say ‘sahi hai’ which led to them raining blows on each other.

Their estranged friendship has now become the talk of the town. Close friends tried to patch things up between, but with little success. Prem, the financially savvy of the two and the one who did all the explanation, spoke to our reporter and said, “I thought things would work out as shown in the TV commercial. I just spoke two lines about mutual funds and hoped that he’d reply with the two magic words. But that did not happen. So I continued with my explanation non-stop for 72 hours till his skepticism knocked off my patience. That’s when it led to a fist fight.”

After squabbling for hours that the case didn’t fall in their jurisdiction, cops finally registered the case.

Many have now started questioning the TV commercial which show a man getting convinced within seconds after being told about investing in mutual funds. The Advertising Standards Council may soon ask that the commercial be taken off air and be replaced with a more realistic looking ad.