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Extra 25000 fine specially for Delhi citizens who intimidate traffic cops with 'tu jaanta hai mai kaun hu'

05, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

In a bid to reign in arrogant traffic violators, Delhi Transport Dept will be penalizing those who try to intimidate traffic cops with ‘tu jaanta hai mai kaun hu‘.

delhi cop

Sources from traffic dept say that the fine for such a violation is Rs. 25000 and will be applicable in Delhi only.

“We have got complaints from our cops that many violators try and get away by flaunting their connections. Some even try and intimidate our personnel with ‘tu jaanta hai mera naam. ek phone lagaunga toh tera transfer ho jayega’. We have introduced this fine to reign in such people,” said a senior traffic official.

Many experts say that this new fine itself is enough to pull the country out of the current economic slump. “The fine will provide fiscal stimulus to the economy. I think if this move is strictly implemented, the Finance Ministry will not have to reduce GST rates anywhere,” opined a Economic Expert.

The aforementioned fine evoked mixed reactions from Delhi citizens. Many high ranking officials and politicians  thought such a fine was draconian, especially for a city like Delhi.

“Throwing your weight around and getting past ‘thullas’ by flaunting your contacts is quintessential Delhi. It’s part of our culture. What is the Govt trying to do? Tear apart Delhi’s cultural fabric. Govt should seriously reconsider this move. Else it would cause a lot of resentment,” said a politician who didn’t wish to be named.

A newspaper article even reported that residents of the city are finding it difficult to deal with the new set of fines. Many now under tremendous pressure to control the urge to flaunt their political connections, are showing signs of depression.