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Gym trainer sacked for giving exercising tips to clients instead of speaking about protein powder

09, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

Silver Muscle Gym in Delhi’s posh Vasant Vihar area saw it’s first casualty of the recession season. A trainer working with the franchise was sacked after he was found giving valuable exercising tips to clients instead of giving unsolicited advice about protein powder.

Insiders say that the trainer was hired just a few months back and was found to be in violation of ‘unwritten rule’ of the gym.

“Trainers at our gym are specifically told to talk more about protein powder. In fact, before hiring, every trainer is asked to appear for a theoretical test on their knowledge of supplements. Only those who clear the minimum cut off get the job,” said the receptionist at the gym.

In his defense the aforementioned trainer said that he did all he could to make sure that his clients get the best out of their workout regime. That however did not cut ice with the Gym’s management.

An independent survey carried out by a random agency corroborated the fact that almost 80% of gyms across the country believe that their job is to educate gym members about what supplements to take to develop a ripped body.

“Anybody can do few push ups and dumbbell curls to get muscles. If Vidyut Jamwal can workout with an LPG cylinder, anyone can. But do you know which protein powder in the market is the best. And how to identify a genuine supplement from a fake. These are things that only a gym trainer can tell you. Most gyms exist only to pass on this knowledge,” revealed a senior researcher.