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32% of every samosa should be the crunchy Papdi: Supreme Court

06, Nov 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Continuing its duty to decide every small thing for the people, Supreme Court of India has announced its verdict on a PIL filed to decide the ideal composition of the popular snack Samosa. From now on, every Halwai has to make sure that the part containing potato mixture should only constitute 68% of the samosa while the edges should constitute the remaining 32%.


A PIL was filed in 1961 by a person (now deceased so we are not revealing his name since we respect the people who died while waiting to hear final verdict of their cases) asking Supreme Court to set the guidelines for the ideal Samosa. Since some people prefer the potato mixture while others prefer the crunchy edges, there have been several disputes over the years over a samosa. However, those fights are set to end now since no halwai will be able to deviate from the guidelines set by the court.

In the judgement, Supreme Court said that anyone violating the standards set by the Court will be guilty of contempt of court and will face the punishment accordingly. Court has also asked Government to find a way to measure percentage of potato and papdi in the samosa to make sure Court’s ruling is properly followed. Samosa inspectors will also be recruited to keep a check on illegal samosa makers.

Meanwhile, another PIL has been filed in the court to set the guidelines for the ideal Vada-Pav, requesting the Court to make sure that the Pav is big enough to make sure the vada doesn’t slip out while eating.