Sales Manager fails to use the words 'mota moti' or 'ballpark' while negotiating with the client, ends up losing the contract

15, May 2020 By yogy

The sales team at an IT company in Gurgaon ended up losing a high profile client thanks to his lack of knowledge of marketing slang.


While negotiating a deal the aforementioned sales manager failed to use either ‘ballpark’ or ‘mota moti‘ while speaking to the client.

This apparently raised doubts in the clients mind about the credibility of the manager, which resulted in the sales team losing out on the contract.

The company had been chasing the client for quite some time now, but this one mistake means that they will not meet their sales target this quarter.

“He should be sent to HR department. He’d be better off doing decorations for Diwali and Christmas and sending Happy Birthday mails. Sales is a high pressure job and anyone who does not know the slang doesn’t stand a chance to make a good sales manager,” thought a co-worker who didn’t wish to be named.

The manager has been suspended for his ‘being inappropriate for the job’, which many feel is a bit harsh.

“He joined the company a few months back. That too fresh from college. He’d take time to learn things. Maybe the company could have sent him for some training program instead of suspension,” remarked one employee.

Many however did not appreciate use of such words even in informal conversation. “What is this ‘mota moti‘ anyway. It looks like body shaming to me,” said one health expert.

Not wanting to a repeat of the incident, the company is now taking every precaution to ensure that their sales managers are equipped with eevry tool before jumping into sales negotiation.

“The entire sales team has been given the ‘Ultimate handbook of Marketing and Sales slang’ and asked to mug up each and every word,” revealed an insider.