5 judge bench to decide how to delay decision on scrapping IPC 377 further

02, Feb 2016 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A Supreme Court bench comprising of 5 judges will decide on ways to delay taking a decision on striking down the section 377 of IPC, which criminalizes homosexuality.

SC - Slow Court of India
SC – Slow Court of India

“I think this is a great day for people believing in slow pace of the judicial system of India,” a Go-Slow activist told Faking News, “When 5 best minds come together, we hope that the decision is delayed at least by 50 years.”

However others are not so helpful.

“50 years is a bit too much. But I think 5 years toh pakka hai,” hoped another activist, “Judges can ask the Prime Minister, the President, the Speaker of Rajya Sabha, the Attorney General, the Aranb Goswami, the Post Master General of Mumbai, the Marine Drive constable, and other such persons to file responses in the court on the issue, after which the bench will take some time to analyze them.”

“After analyzing the responses of these stakeholders, the court could ask them to reach a settlement amongst themselves within six months, after which it could refer the case for fresh hearing, or maybe refer the analysis to a larger bench,” the activist imagined ways in which the court could help delay the issue forever.

We tried to get in touch with someone from Supreme Court for a comment, but we were told to come back after three months as our appointment couldn’t be listed before that.