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With 5 lakh people taking their cars to Aero India show, nearby parking lots ‘host’ auto show

18, Feb 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Organizers of this year Aero India show have added another attraction for public who are coming in large numbers to watch the biennial event. As lakhs and lakhs of cars are parked in nearby parking lots, the organizers have put up huge banners of ‘auto show 2017’ in front, so that people who are interested in cars can go there and enjoy the auto show as well.

Bengaluru : Light Combat Aircraft "Tejas" displaying acrobatic skills during a press preview ahead of the Aero India 2015 at Yelhanka Air Base in Bengaluru on Saturday. PTI Photo by Shailendra Bhojak (PTI2_14_2015_000101B)

We spoke to one of the event organizer, Mr. Javed to understand the logic behind clubbing aero show with auto show. Mr. Javed said, “If we look at the past history of this event, most of the public coming to aero show here ditch public transport or any kind of car pooling, they usually prefer to come on their own using their cars. We thought, when so many cars will be in parking lots, why not utilize them? Bengaluru as such does not host any major auto show, so adding an auto show to aero show will be really tempting for public. Probably that’s the reason we have a record breaking five lakh online registrations till now.”

“It’s not like in the past we did not try to arrange sufficient public transport for the event. Hardly anyone was interested to use them, so this year instead of wasting effort in such ungainly work, from the beginning we have started speaking to nearby land owners to take as much land possible on rent for parking purpose,” said Mr. Javed who knows the five thousand acres they have managed for parking will not be sufficient in the weekends.

On the way to Aero India show, we met IT engineer Thiru who was walking briskly towards the show. He said, “I am staying nearby, hardly eight kilometers from the place where event is happening. In the morning when I was about to take my car out, due to traffic jam saw a couple parked their car in front of my apartment and started walking towards the event, so I joined them. Last year, very early morning around 3AM I went near the show to park my car, to come out of it took me two days. Didn’t want to repeat such mistake this year.”