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5 years old answers 2 KBC questions correctly, parents decide he will become an IAS officer

30, Aug 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: 5 years old Pappu’s career was decided late last night when he answered 2 questions on Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) correctly while watching it along with his parents. Pappu was just trying to answer the questions before the contestant in the hot seat could but little did he know that his entire life is getting decided right there and then.

Is your child IAS material? Find out while watching KBC!

As per family sources, Pappu’s parents have already decided the subjects he will take for his Civil Services examination and have already spoken to the tutors for those subjects. They have also finalized a room in Katwaria Sarai, Delhi, where he will stay while preparing for his Civil Services examination.

Good General Knowledge is considered a must for clearing the civil services and a 5 years old getting even 2 KBC questions right has been taken as a sign that Pappu is great when it comes to General Knowledge.

“It was my dream to be an IAS officer but unfortunately I couldn’t even clear the prelims in all my attempts. However, Pappu has shown that he can achieve what I could never achieve. One of the questions he got right was a 25 lakhs question! How many people can do that in India and he is just 5! Imagine how good he will be by the time he goes to give his civil services exam”, Pappu’s father said.

Further, he added ,”We aren’t like the previous generation, forcing the kids to become doctor and engineer. We always thought that we will see the child’s interest before deciding his career and now that he has exhibited his knowledge, IAS is what he will become.”

Meanwhile, when we asked Pappu how did he know those answers, he said ,”I was just replying A for every question. I got 8 wrong and 2 right but my parents are just focusing on those 2 questions only.”