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62 years after independence, owls all set to feel like Indians

24, Dec 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Thanks to a decision taken by the union home ministry, owls of India are excited to witness Indian tricolors flying around when they come out hunting in the night. Ministry has taken this decision following a proposal by industrialist and Congress MP Naveen Jindal, who has been working overtime to empower Indian citizens with flag flying rights. This time around, apart from the human looking Indians, owls too are happy.

“Our great grandparents used to tell us that one midnight India had become independent and a new flag was raised more than sixty years back, but none of us ever saw that flag again, even though we kept looking for it every midnight. Our new generations had started doubting the story and thought it was an urban legend. They thought India didn’t exist in reality, but now they would find the ultimate proof.” Billu Jee, chief of the Indian Owl Corporation (IOC) said.

A young Indian owl
A young Indian owl, devoid of any culture and empathy whatsoever, mocking at his fellow Indians

IOC has appealed to the Indian government to follow the principles of inclusive growth and involve the owls in the nation building process so that the owl community doesn’t feel left out. Traditionally, owls have never been a part of any government scheme and have never benefited from any development programs. Owls could never register their protests as the government offices were mostly closed in the nights. As a result, not many owls feel like Indians any more.

“The government needs to take a serious approach on the issue and must take our younger generation into confidence. Our youth (young owls) have mostly witnessed stuffs like hit-and-run cases, rapes, murders, robberies, riots and drunken people in the streets when they come out in the night. They have become hardened and highly cynical and don’t believe in democracy or the concept of a nation. We are not sure how they are going to react when they suddenly see Indian tricolors flying around. We had told them great stories about the flag and the Indian freedom movement.” Billu Jee expressed his deepest fears.

IOC has proposed that the government should undertake a Daily Owl Sensitivity Training (DOST) to instill empathy and feeling of patriotism among the owls and to educate fellow Indians into giving respect to the owls.

Government has responded positively to the owls’ demands and our sources inform that a committee would be formed soon to etch out the details of DOST program. Tenders would be invited next year from willing vendors, who must submit a non-refundable amount of 3 lakhs rupees to take part in the bidding process. DOST could be a multi-billion rupees project and various ministries are excited to be part of the writing of this owl empowerment story.