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7 alternate uses of the Noida F1 race track

29, Jul 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has hinted that there may not be an Indian Grand Prix after 2013. This will mean that the huge investment made on Buddh International Circuit will go totally waste.

Faking News has come up with a few ideas to recoup some of the investment made and possibly, make some profit too. Here is the list of 7 alternate uses of Buddh International Circuit which can help recover the investment:

Formula 1
These rare pothole free roads of India might not see such cars again

1. Rent it out to the stunt bikers from Delhi. The stuntmen will get an open space to showcase their talent and Delhi roads will be free of the biker menace.

2. Conduct a race between the leaders of different political parties to decide the Prime Minister in 2014. A race will ensure that only a physically fit person becomes PM and we don’t have a weak PM ever again.

3. Akhilesh Yadav can shift all the statues of Mayawati there. This way, he can get rid of Mayawati statues from UP without actually destroying them which may have caused trouble.

4. Rent it out to Lokpal activists for their regular protest rallies for Lokpal bill. Since Lokpal bill is not expected to be passed in foreseeable future, this can be a long term business. Akhilesh can promise that there will be no midnight police crackdown to attract even other protest rallies.

5. Rent it out as a shooting location to Rohit Shetty for his films. He can overturn as many Mahindra Scorpios as he wants on the track without having to worry about public safety.

6. Rent it out to Raj Babbar as the place to launch his “Rs 12 Public Bhojnalaya”. There is expected to be a great demand for such an enterprise and only a place as big as this circuit can accommodate all the people expected to visit this bhojnalaya.

7. Use it as an alternate landing strip for airplanes coming to Delhi when Indira Gandhi International airport gets flooded again during monsoon.

Please suggest any other possible use of this track to help the investors.