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7 different types of passengers in Mumbai local

06, Feb 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai local train is full of all kinds of people and when we say full, we mean it! After observing them for a long time, we have managed to categorize them in the following 7 categories. So if you are a local passenger, which one are you?


The Gatekeepers

These are the people who are always standing next to the door of the compartment. Whether the train is full or empty, it doesn’t matter, they will be at the same place. At every station, they will get down and get back in again to make sure they aren’t pushed inside. They love standing there so much that sometimes they even forget to get down at their destination.

The Blockers

Commonly found in Virar local, these are the people who refuse to let anyone get in after Virar. Not just that, they refuse to let anyone get down as well till Dadar. Once you are in, you are in.

Traffic Police

These are the people who love playing traffic police inside the compartment and keep guiding traffic. “Arey andar ho jao”, “Arey thoda side ho jao”, “Arey unko andar aane do”, are the commonly used words by them as they try to regulate traffic inside the train.

The irritated crowd

These people spend all their time inside getting irritated. If someone’s bag touches them, if someone’s hand touches their hand, if someone asks them to move, if someone asks them to stop stepping on their toes, everything. They never get into a fight with anyone though, they just mumble curses and give surly looks.

The Gamers

The candy crush saga crowd. In a compartment so congested that even breathing is difficult, they somehow manage to squeeze out their phone from their pocket and manage to play games. Sometimes they take out phone from the pocket of the passenger standing next to them but before the other person can find enough space to turn around and look, they put the phone back in.

The Sharing Types

They keep sharing with everyone who will listen to them that they will get down at Dadar. Dadar utroonga main, Dadar… Dadar Dadar, Dadar. Even when their destination is 10 KMs away with several stations in between and nobody cares, they do keep repeating the name of their station. Dadar

The Tourists

These are the ones from out of town or the ones who use it once in a blue moon. They appear as confident as a college student on the first day of college, mentally prepared for ragging. You can tell who they are by looking at their faces and also by their repeated question- Bhaisaab platform kis side aayega?