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75% ashtrays in hostels are beer cans cut in half: Research

21, Sep 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A comprehensive study conducted by a leading research institute of the country has come to the conclusion that 75% of ashtrays used in country’s hostels are beer cans cut in half. Actual ashtrays comprise only 1% of the total number while cut deodorant bottles make up 11%.

The research, commissioned by an ashtray manufacturer has thrown up results likely to disappoint the company since majority of the smokers are using alternatives to their product.

Speaking to the media while announcing the results of the study, lead researcher Vella Ram said, “During our study, we went to various hostels around the country, in colleges providing different courses, and only after that we reached these conclusions. The most difficult ones were the engineering hostels because finding the ashtray in those rooms was a task in itself. We had to bring in sniffing dogs to locate the ashtray in that pile of garbage they call their hostel room but we did eventually find it.”

“We also noticed that as many as 32% smokers didn’t use any ashtray and threw the cigarette on the floor. Their reasoning being that the cigarette butts come in handy during those days when the paan-wala refuses to give any credit. The actual number of proper ashtray users is pretty low and there is huge market potential for our client,” he further added.

A similar study planned for Techies had to be abandoned after the research firm found that most of the techies on projects only smoke at the tea shop outside as they can’t inhale the smoke without having a glass of tea in their hands.