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After 7th pay commission approval ‘Sarkari Babus’ revise their bribe charts proportionately

02, Jul 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Few days back the recommendations of 7th commission received cabinet clearance which will help 47 lakh government employees. Like GST, these new allowances will be effective starting from July 1st 2017.


Immediately after Arun Jaitley announcement on cabinet approval, government employees went ahead and made their revised bribe rates public which is in line with the hike they have got this time.

When our reporter met one of the government employee’s association leader to ask where is the revised bribe chart, he said, “Just walk in to any Chai wala, Panwala or the person running photocopy machine near our government offices, they have the latest copy of the rates. The papers are with them for long time, we were just waiting for cabinet approval”.

“As this announcement is coinciding with the launch of GST, we have told all out staff cutting across different states and union territories, henceforth to accept uniform bribes across India. Our slogan is One Nation One Rate”, said the government employee’s union leader who wanted to remain anonymous.

When we asked even GST does not have one rate, are you saying irrespective of work, government employees will charge same rate, he said, “How it is possible. The effort to issue a ration card is different from issuing a pan card. Like GST we will have different slabs. By one rate we mean, why a person in UP will suffer more when someone in Delhi is able to extract the same work cheaply from government employee. Just because Delhi is a well governed and less corrupt state. No that’s not fair”.

Though many have not seen the new rate chart, senior citizen Mr. R. P. Sharma is happy with the transparency the government employees are bringing to their table. Mr. Shrama said, “Recently I went to PF office to clear my son’s PF amount. When I paid 500 rupees to the clerk for doing his job, he was furious. He said that was the rate during 5th pay commission. He didn’t move the file, told me to do some ‘homework’ before coming to government offices”.

Mr. Sharma when checked the latest bribe chart, he saw, additional cess he has to pay over the applicable rate as his son was working in a ‘high earning’ IT job before he went to US.