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If 8 LPA is economically backward, what about us getting 3 LPA for last 25 years: IT freshers call for separate Bharat Bandh

09, Jan 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: It seems the silsila of Bharat Bandh is not going to get over soon. IT freshers teen lakhia association (IFTLA) has called for a nationwide strike after Government termed people earning less than 8 lakhs per annum are economically backward class.


“It’s like rubbing salt on our wounds. Government does not know we are working at the same starting package of 3 lakhs per annum from Devegowda Ji’s time. If 8 Lakhs income is economically backward class, then what we will be called, ultra-backward class?” questioned IFTLA President Santosh Pradhan while speaking to us.

“In this situation, what respect we will have in society. Who will be ready to marry poor fellows like us,” said Ravi Kumar, another fresher techie while throwing some smoke rings towards his bellwether IT company’s sprawling campus

Ravi who is left with just two hundred worth of Sodexo meal vouchers to manage remaining month added, “Already my parents are struggling to find a suitable match for me after Trump and my manager stopped me from entering US. To compound my problem, in this pollution and hard water, I am left with few strands of hair in my head. Lagta hai agle janam mein kunwara se upgrade hone ka chance milega.

Ravi shared with us another unpleasant experience and said,  “Today morning my aunty who was visiting us handed over 500 bucks as gift while leaving for her place. So much insult. I am not going to vote for this Government who has exposed me in front of my relatives. Kahin ka nahin choda.

When we asked Santosh, what is the tentative date for the Baharat Bandh, “Our Colleagues in HR are not yet back from Christmas-new year vacation, waiting for them. We will do it in middle of the week as we want maximum participation, do not want people to use opportunity and go for a long weekend break.”