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8 reasons why CAT results are delayed

22, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Faking News lists 8 reasons that could be responsible for CAT results being deferred time and again this year:

1. To avoid clash with Indian defeat in Australia: Cricket remains a passion of many young Indians and it could break their hearty beyond repair if they got to know their poor CAT results at the time India is losing matches in Australia. The CAT committee, being considerate enough, could thus have decided to keep gaps between the two tragic events.

2. Out of respect for the Indian tradition of being late: Going with the flavor of the new government, the committee might have decided to respect tradition. And it’s Indian tradition never to stick to a deadline. A VIP always comes late.

3. Allowing CAT takers to rethink their life choices: By delaying the results, IIMs are giving time to all those engineers who took CAT to decide and ponder whether they really pursued an engineering degree to become an investment banker or a Business Development Manager.

Online since last 72 hours!
Online since last 72 hours!

4. CAT is a fan of Arnab: CAT committee wanted to give full chance to Arnab and other media anchors to come up with “exit results” and discuss and debate them threadbare, before announcing actual results. Students faring well in exit results can then celebrate for few days before actual results are out.

5. CAT has hired Aamir Khan in consultant capacity: With Aamir at helm, students can simply say good bye to CAT dream for the next few years. It’s highly unlikely Aamir will allow results to be out before he has personally memorized sectional percentiles of all CAT applicants.

6. Fog and cold wave: Servers, which contain answers of those who appeared for the exam are located in Delhi are running slow due to fog. It’s not the first time that government managed servers are running slow because of fog, as in past, just like trains, once IRCTC servers used to run slow in winter. This has delayed the overall marking process.

7. Holiday season: The result declaration date could be delayed till 2nd of January 2015. Since the results will not be a good news for around 90% of the applicants, CAT organizers want to let everyone celebrate the new year with same zeal.

8. Trying to create hype, in Bollywood style: As over the years, count of CAT applicants is continuously dipping. CAT organizers could be trying to create a buzz around the exam. Outrage over delay in results seems to be a good publicity stunt which is working in their favor.