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95% Indians use helmets to protect their elbows – Survey

29, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Two-wheelers form a big proportion of vehicles on Indian roads. It is well-established that helmets for riders as well as pillion-riders save lives. And Indians do know about the advantages of Helmets. In fact a survey done by Faking News found that 95% Indians protect their elbows with their helmets. These are encouraging numbers.


Elbows indeed are very important organs of our body. They are very useful in fighting with some one, taking support on desk when we are feeling lazy, during our dance moves, while playing the perfect straight drive in Cricket. And Indians have realized this importance much sooner than the world does. Most of the citizens are using helmets on their elbows and protecting it from damage. Nitin Gadkari, the transport minister is really happy by the awareness levels shown by the riders and promises to take the figure to 100 percent pretty soon. There will be awareness drives across the country about protection of elbows.

Prime minister Modi has in fact sought from help from his ministers to patent this use of helmet, because this is the first time in world a new usage of helmet has been discovered after ages. Modi has promised that he will try to sell this idea to many foreign countries when he goes for a visit. Helmet companies have also realized the importance and have started giving a user manual about how to wear it perfectly on elbows to protect them from accidents. In fact Indian cricketers lead by Virat Kohli also want to give it a try in Cricket. According to latest data many batsmen get hit on their elbows and the elbow guard being soft is not able to give proper protection so it does make sense to wear the helmet on the elbows.