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A year after Great Khali's retirement, WWE auditions Little Khali: Advocate Vikram Singh Chauhan

17, Feb 2016 By BullDozer

Stamford, Connecticut: The retirement of WWE wrestler, The Great Khali (real name: Dalip Singh Rana) in 2014 left a void in the WWE-verse, particularly when it came to reaching out to its South Asian market; until now that is. Vikram Singh Chauhan, known best for his knack for taking the law into his own hands and beating students and journalists, is being scouted by the pro-wrestling organisation.

Vikram working on his skills before his big audition
Vikram working on his skills before his big audition

Faking News spoke exclusively to William Regal, the WWE’s talent scout, who said, “His technique comprising cheap shots, slaps, shoving and grabbing hold of gates is a bit of a departure from the styles we are used to, but that’s what makes him so exciting.”

Famous for turning the Patiala House Court into an akhaada of sorts, Chauhan’s journey to Stanford, Connecticut — the WWE’s headquarters — was catalysed by his widely-televised fracas with a group of lawyers and journalists.

“As soon as we saw that footage,” said Regal, “We knew he would be an ideal performer in a Royal Rumble”. (For the uninitiated, a Royal Rumble is a once-in-a-year event, where 30 wrestlers are unleashed in a ring, with the goal being to throw each other over the top rope). “His massive show of strength in clinging onto a gate while he was being pulled by a group of lawyers was testament to his suitability for this format,” Regal explained.

When Faking News approached Chauhan about his thoughts on this possible career shift, his threats of violence made us reconsider asking him anything.

Meanwhile, although Regal couldn’t confirm the stage-name Chauhan would be using, he did say that ‘Little Khali’ was being seriously considered.

When asked if Chauhan’s gimmick would be to portray some sort of litigator or lawyer, Regal replied with a blank look and asked, “This guy’s a lawyer?”

Given the events of this week, Regal’s sentiment is shared by a lot of us.