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Aadhar card will now be mandatory for creating a Facebook Account : Govt

07, Mar 2017 By sagarcasm

New Delhi: Days after news broke that center government has announced that children will not be served mid-day meals at school without Aadhar cards, it turns out Government now plans to make Aadhar Card compulsory to create a Facebook profile in India. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued an official notification in this regard.

No Aadhar, No Facebook

This was decided after the officials took ‘the rising amount of fake accounts’ into consideration. Just like fake currency, government wants to eradicate fake online profiles as well.

The existing users of Facebook will also have to upload a scanned copy of their Aadhar Card. If they fail to do so, their profile will be suspended within the next 15 days. With around 15 crore Facebook accounts, this move will affect a significant percentage of our population. This is NDA government’s biggest decision after demonetization.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg told a Faking News Correspondent in California, “I am very happy that Government of India took this step. This will eradicate the fake Facebook profiles in India. Users should not worry about their private information that they will upload on Facebook. Your information is safe with us. We will not share it with anyone except the advertisers.”

“Although Aadhar card is not a compulsory document for Indian citizens, it is needed almost everywhere. From eating food to buying a plane”, a bureaucrat told Faking News, “Since this government and the previous government have spent so much money on the Aadhar card project, they want every citizen to have an Aadhar Card.”

After this news broke out, many Indians rushed to Aadhar Card Centres to get their cards made. On the other hand, Bangladeshi citizens who live in Kolkata were quite chilled out as most of them already have an Indian Aadhar Card.