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AAP leader Ashutosh offers to verify documents of UPSC toppers

11, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: AAP leader Ashutosh, who alleged that PM Modi had forged his mark-sheet, today made an announcement at a press conference  and offered to verify documents of all UPSC candidates for free.

Ashutosh busy with his verification
Ashutosh busy with his verification

At a press conference to bring out more incriminating evidence against PM Modi, Ashutosh deviated from the protocol and offered to help students who cleared UPSC exams with their documents.

“I am very happy with the results of the civil service exams. I too had appeared for the exams but couldn’t get through because of the typos in written test,” he said while indulging in some self deprecating humor.

“But jokes apart, the real test for these students begins now. When all the paperwork will have to be done. These bright students are going to be the future of this country and that is why their present needs to be validated. We have seen how so called leaders have misled the entire country with their forged mark-sheets. Such fraud people become PM of the country and people with genuine mark-sheet are forced to become CM,” he screamed.

Serpentine queues were seen outside Ashutosh’s house as students waited for their turn to get their documents checked. The AAP leader himself was seen surrounded by party workers with an OK stamp in one hand and a magnifying glass in other, furiously stamping documents that passed his stringent verification standards.

Many of those who cleared the process were seen coming out with happy faces. “To tell you honestly I wasn’t this happy when I found out that I topped the UPSC exams. The feeling is surreal. It’s not just an OK stamp from Ashutosh. It’s like an ISI mark,” said Tina Dabhi, who topped the civil service exams.

But there were some who in spite of doing well in the exams were not sure about their future.

Our reporter spoke to UPSC rank holder, who was happy with the result but looked anxious after he came to know about a discrepancy in his document. “I really don’t know how to react. Yesterday when I was going through my documents, I noticed that my name on my 10th marksheet is PramodKumar Ramkumar Dubey and on my 12th mark-sheet is Pramod Ramkumar Dubey. Now I am worried that 30 years from now if I reach a position of responsibility, Ashutosh can bring this up and ruin my career,” he lamented.