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AAP re-introduces Odd-Even rule; left and right lungs to be used on alternate days.

12, Nov 2017 By Guest Patrakar
On Tuesday, AAP government announced re-introduction of the odd-even rule for a five-day period, beginning Monday, as part of a response plan to tackle the pollution levels in Delhi. It will be called Odd-Even version 2 and will have some modifications.
Odd-Even version 2 will not only be about vehicles but will also impact citizens who don’t even have vehicles. As an addition to last year’s scheme, this time citizens will be allowed to use only their left lung on odd days and right lung on even days.
AAP leader and spokesperson, Ashutosh spoke to Faking News. Ashutosh said, “Pollution is one problem that every Delhiite has to fight with, but currently only Arvind Kejriwal ji is fighting, he’s the only one who’s coughing all the time”. Ashutosh further added, “to ensure that everyone fights pollution, we have restricted the use of lungs – left lung to be used only on odd days and right lung to be used only on even days”.
While a majority of people have criticized the move, Baba Ramdev has applauded it. Baba Ramdev is clearly the biggest beneficiary of this new version of Odd-Even rule. His famous yoga practice, Anulom-Vilom will now be more famous.
AAP government has exempted a few people from the new version of the rule. People with only one lung or one kidney will be exempted. AAP MLAs will also be exempted from the rule.
The government has hired various yoga teachers to supervise people and will be installing several machines at prime locations to check whether people are rightly following the new rule. People found violating the rule will be given a red rose and fined for Rs 2000.
Government’s knee-jerk reaction on several issues shows its lack of preparedness and poor intentions towards aam aadmi, who have chosen it. Pollution isn’t a one day phenomenon and implementing odd-even rule for merely five days will not save Delhites. It’s time both the government and people took the issue seriously and worked together to resolve it.