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AAP to conduct entrance exam to recruit new joinees, questions leaked

12, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. To tackle high number of membership requests they are receiving on hourly basis and to ensure those joining have pure intentions even if they lack knowledge of governance, AAP has decided to conduct entrance exams to select candidates. The exam will be objective type and will be designed in such a way that it tests how much an Aam Aadmi you are at core of your heart.

Faking could access some of the questions as they got leaked. In bracket are the marks AAP would allot to a candidate ticking that option.

The jury showing the passing marks.
The jury showing the passing marks.

1. If there is a very important party tonight what will you wear?

a. Buy a new branded suit from mall. (0 marks)

b. Wear a night suit.(2 marks)

c. Borrow a pair from beggar across the house. (4 marks)

d. Wear a dress last worn during holi.(3 marks)

2. What will you do if you are suffering from cough and cold?

a. What do you mean coughing is not as normal as blinking eyes or breathing? (4 marks)

b. Will buy a cough syrup. (0 marks)

c. Will go to a hakim since doctor is too VIP. (2 marks)

d. Will ask at least 1000 random people on road before taking any decision. (3 marks)

3. What will you do if you find a 100 rupee note on road?

a. Will give it to a poor person. (1 mark)

b. Will deposit half in a temple and other half in a mosque. (3 marks)

c. Will tear it if note is black in colour as black money is bad. (2 marks)

d. Will not pickup the money, as I am too honest and I can’t even touch the money which I haven’t earned. (4 marks)

4. What will you do if somebody gifts you a farm house?

a. Ask for a 1 bhk flat instead. (1 mark)

b. Expose him and slap corruption charges against him for being so rich. (4 marks)

c. First accept it and later tweet about how you reject it when there is outcry.(3 marks)

d. Will do an internal survey with family to decide.(2 marks)

5. What is your idea of a bachelor party?

a. Partying at Jantar Mantar and letting hair down at Ramlila Maidan. (2 marks)

b. Continuing party by taking outside support of your enemy group if your own friends dont turn up. (4 marks)

c. Gathering into a durbar and discussing problems. (1 mark)

d. Burning the dance floor electricity meters. (3 marks)

6. Who according to you is dishonest and corrupt?

a. Anyone who doesn’t agree with you. (2 marks)

b. Everyone but you. (3 marks)

c. Anyone who janta feels is corrupt and newspaper clippings say so. (1 mark)

d. Keeps on changing with time. (4 marks)